Longville City Ordinances

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Title I:    General Provisions
              Chapter 10:  General Provisions
Title III:  Administration
              Chapter 30:  General Provisions
              Chapter 32:  Emergency Management

Title V:
              Chapter 50:  Garbage & Rubbish
              Chapter 51:  Sewer Regulations
              Chapter 53:  Storm Water Drainage Utility
              Chapter 54:  Rates & Charges

Title VII: Traffic Code
              Chapter 70:  Traffic Regulations
              Chapter 71:  Parking Regulations
              Chapter 72:  Snowmobiles
              Chapter 73:  Recreational & Other Vehicles

Title IX:  General Regulations
              Chapter 90:  Abandoned Property
              Chapter 91:  Animals
              Chapter 92:  Health & Safety Nuisances
              Chapter 93:  Streets & Sidewalks

Title XI:  Business Regulations
              Chapter 110:  General Licensing Provisions
              Chapter 111:  Commercial Amusements
              Chapter 112:  Liquor Regulations
              Chapter 113:  Peddlers & Solicitations
              Chapter 117:  Garage or Rummage Sales
              Chapter 118:  Regulation of Public Dances & Special Events
              Chapter 119:  Sexually Oriented Businesses

Title XIII: General Offenses
              Chapter 130:  Damage to Property, Firearms, Curfew, Fireworks